Ideally situated, Mission is just a 15-minute drive from the US border, and approximately 70 kilometres east of the City of Vancouver.  Mission is surrounded by the incredible beauty of mountainous vistas and natural forest settings. Our climate is warm in the summer and mild and wet in the winter. Flowers bloom most of the year, as the area is naturally hospitable to a wide variety or plant life and vegetation. Topographically, Mission enjoys an immense variation of hillsides and gullies which maintain natural neighbourhood enclosures, spectacular views, and a sense of permanence.

Popular Neighbourhoods

Mission Core

Cedar Valley


Personal Perspective in living in Mission

Mission is fairly new to me.. It is small and has some of its own history, space and beauty... The downtown area is revitalized and the West Coast express comes right to Downtown Vancouver.. So enjoy a scenic commute daily.. There are outdoor trails, walkways galore... Heritage Park is gorgeous and the homes are still affordable and the lot sizes are spacious.. The new highway is now 4 lanes making it easy to come in and out of and get to the city much faster than you think.. There are some great shopping spots in Mission, and soon there will also be a Winners which the residents are excited about... Come and explore with me and find the perfect private spot in Mission.